The Baseball-Specific Testing Battery


The new way of recruiting and showcasing your skills is with the Baseball-Specific Testing Battery. The wave of recruiting and showcasing baseball skills is highly dependent on what your performance shows on the field.

Now, let’s think about this: what allows your skills to be shown on the field? It’s your athleticism. This battery of tests can further your recruiting process as a player because you can show coaches what type of athlete you are.

For example, they can see on paper if you are above/below average in a speed/agility test or with the MB scoop toss for velocity, which can be linked to exit velocity.

When purchasing the Baseball-Specific Testing Battery, the player will receive detailed instructions on how to administer the tests. It is then up to the player to contact me DIRECTLY in order to create the report. From there, send away!

Compare your measurements to Division 1 college and high school baseball players! In addition:

  • get quality coaching from a highly-sought professional (CSCS)
  • show coaches what type of player you are, and show your projectability
  • the game of baseball is changing to the game of metrics – why not hop on the train!

The Workload Calendar

There is more to pitching than just counting pitches…it’s called “workload”. Not all pitches are created equal!

  • Get your players on a weekly throwing schedule to ensure that everyone is on the same page
  • Easy to use system with visuals within Microsoft Excel sheet
  • Know when each player is physiologically ready to pitch
  • Formula-embedded to make sure workload won’t be spiked too high
  • FREE Consultations upon purchase


Strong Hitter
  • 3 Phases that progress month to month
  • Medicine Ball and Swing Program adapted from multiple research studies
  • Increase Swing Velocity and Exit Velocity
  • Increase your relative strength and explosive strength
  • BONUS vision and mobility drills included
  • Partnered with PowerChute Sports


Although my niche is in the baseball community, I write programs for athletes of all ages, abilities, and sports! Even LIFE is a sport!

  • Receive monthly programs for a blend of mobility, strength, power, speed, and muscular size, all based on YOUR goals!
  • Get weekly and monthly check-ins for any questions about exercise selection or program progress
  • Get discounts for future online-products!

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