This website will offer science-backed data and research to enhance your baseball performance!

My name is Jarad Vollkommer. I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and the Assistant Director of Training at Infiniti Sports Performance in Long Island, NY. After completing my undergraduate career at the University of Tampa, I decided I wanted to take over Long Island baseball.

I have devoted most of the collegiate career to researching the major aspects of baseball performance: hitting, throwing, and running.

Having multiple years of playing experience, I felt lost when I was no longer playing in college after my freshman year at U-Tampa. This website gives me that fire inside me that I felt back when I was playing. I try to feel that same “fire” when I coach in the weight room and on the field.

I also have written a scientific paper on visuomotor performance in collegiate baseball players (you can find that here).

I’m just a normal 22-year old kid who loves the game of baseball and the application of science. I originally wanted to study Architecture in college…thankfully, I did not go down that path. However, in a way, a big part of my career is creating ATHLETIC ANIMALS! So, I guess you can say I am an architect after all.

I am also an assistant coach for the Long Island Strong Baseball Academy. Based on all the research I have read, I created an adaptive throwing program alongside a strength and conditioning program for my kids.

Interested in Baseball Skill Development? Contact me for further details!

Offensive/Hitting, Defensive (fielding, catching, pitching), Speed + Agility, Strength and Conditioning*

  • 30 min option: $45 (+$10 for traveling option)
    • 6-Pack option: $240 ($40 per)
    • 12-Pack option: $420 ($35 per)
  • 60 min option: $70 (+$10 for traveling option)
    • 6-Pack option: $400 ($67 per)

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