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There are many, many studies (here, here, and here) stating that the donut does not improve your swing velocity, it actually does the opposite. Well, we still see a bunch of baseball kids swinging as hard as they can with a donut on their bat. Should we still try to address the issue, or find something else that works?

Or, we can do both. Enter the power chute.

Power Chute is now revolutionizing the way hitters can warm-up before games and even train to tap into their type-II muscle (fast-twitch) fibers.

The reason why overweighted implements, much like the donut, do not increase your swing velocity is because they affect the timing of your muscles firing.

Not only does it affect your timing, but it also alters the moment of inertia on the bat, which is why it may “feel” lighter than it actually is.

When the moment of inertia and muscle firing are altered, this will highly affect WHEN and WHERE you get your barrel into the hitting zone, which is the most important part about hitting!

However, some overweighted implements do increase swing velocity. For most of the high school population, they are not strong enough to be swinging with max intent while a donut is on their bat. If you are strong enough, using weighted implements may be a good tool for you.

The PowerChute alters the amount of resistance that is being placed on the bat, and makes it easy to gauge based on strength levels.

Send me a message if you want to order your PowerChute today!

Strong swinging,

Jarad Vollkommer, CSCS

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