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Single leg training should be performed YEAR-ROUND. Yes, a bold statement to begin with. Here is why:

  • Your sport requires you to be stable on one leg
  • Your sport requires you to produce force on one leg
  • Your sport requires you to absorb force on one leg

Think about pitching/throwing, hitting, and sprinting. All of these skills require the athlete to produce force from one leg at a time, and the transfer of that force from one leg to the other.

Here are my 5 favorite single leg strength and power variations, along with the “why”

  1. Lunge Cable Chop with Rotation
  2. MB Skaters
  3. SL MB Scoops
  4. Flamingo Slams
  5. Rotational Side Lunge/Diagonal Press

Lunge Cable Chop with Rotation

Within this variation, the athlete is learning to stabilize through the front hip and use the trunk to internally rotate and create a deceleration pattern.

MB SkatersĀ 

Within this variation of a skater jump, the athlete now needs to produce even more internal force against an external force.

Upon landing, the same thing applies: the athlete now needs to reduceĀ even more force.

SL MB Scoops

Within this variation, we can use it for the lead leg and the back leg. I feel this variation works great for kids who can’t stay balanced in the swing and/or don’t understand HOW to create tension in the back hip.

Flamingo Slams

Within this variation, the athlete violently prepares to decelerate on one leg. Research shows that a more extended front leg pattern at ball release can result in a higher ball velocity.

Rotational Side Lunge/Diagonal Press

Within this variation, the athlete learns how to create tension in one side of the body by then producing and reducing.

If you guys have any questions on how to implement these exercises or when to use them, feel free to leave a comment!

Stay strong and stable,

Jarad Vollkommer, CSCS

2 Replies to “5 Single Leg Strength and Power Variations for Baseball Performance”

    1. Hey Leo, I would recommend these options:
      B1. Single Leg Strength Variation
      B2. Single Leg Power Variation
      Or vice versa

      Perform these specialized exercises in a late off season/early pre-season phase where the athlete has to be very strong and stable on one leg

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